Professional, high quality DIY home and business CCTV kits

Here at CCTV2Go we offer a great range of CCTV available to buy for your home and work surveillance needs:


Our standard definition CCTV camera kits are the perfect purchase for your home or business. Each DIY CCTV kit comes complete with a state of the art DVR recorder and you can choose from 2 – 8 CCTV eyeball cameras. Our standard definition home CCTV kits are the perfect purchase to fulfil all of your DIY CCTV needs.


Our High Definition kits are great for all of your at home or work CCTV needs. Each HD CCTV camera kit comes complete with both a DVR recorder and you can choose from 1 – 16 HD eyeball cameras. Our HD kits are the always the most up to date and the easiest DIY CCTV Kits you will find on the market. The 1080 high definition will give you a greater clarity on the image compared to the standard definition. If your home or work CCTV project requirements are more demanding than those listed above we are able to design a bespoke mixture of cameras, perfect for all of your CCTV needs.


If it’s not a whole home CCTV camera kit you’re after, but just one or two items then head over to our ‘Individual Products’ section, where you will be able to find numerous CCTV options to buy, including; dome cameras, bullet cameras, DVR’s, NVR’s and many other CCTV accessories.


Not sure what you’re looking for? – You can contact our experts directly and they will be happy to answer any questions that you have and give you all of the advice you need in regards to buying your CCTV.


DIY Standard Definition Camera Kits

  • 2-8 eyeball cameras
  • DVR recorder
  • Graphite grey or white


DIY HD Camera Kits

  • 1080HD
  • 1 – 16 eyeball cameras
  • DVR recorder
  • Graphite grey or white


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